Real Finnish food and nostalgic atmosphere!

Savotta is a Finnish restaurant which offers genuine Finnish food and atmosphere, just off the Senate Square in the heart of Helsinki. We use only Finnish ingredients from the pristine forests and lakes and from carefully selected small suppliers

Welcome to Savotta

The name Savotta means a logging site.Therefore the interior decoration and dishes has got inspiration of the Finnish forests and thousands of lakes, with a dash of Finnish nostalgy from the past decades and logging traditions.

Restaurant Savotta serves the best flavors of the provinces

In the decor of Savotta, you can see the genuine old artefacts dating back to Finnish homes and logging sites from the old days. Downstairs dining room’s hundred-year-old floor planks, as well as the old chairs and tables, have been found and brought to Savotta from all over Finland.

Welcome to enjoy

a nostalgic trip back in time to Savotta!

Own private

room for your group?

When you’re looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy dinner privately with your group, Savotta’s unique room downstairs is the best choice! It offers a retro atmosphere, authentic mouth-watering Finnish delicacies, and our timber guys and gals will make sure that your evening is a success!

See you at the Senate Square ☕️

Our restaurant is open everyday!

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Ne nousevat lapsuusmuistot nuo,
ne aukee maailmat armaat,
näen silmät mä äitini lempeän taas
ja taattoni hapset harmaat.
Elä murehdi turhia, äitini mun,
me tullaan, tullaanhan kyllä,
me tulemme poskin niin lämpimin,
meill’ onhan villaista yllä,
ja jos kylmäksi jää
sormi yks tai tää,
sun suukkosi kyllä sen lämmittää.

— Eino Leino —

Hyvää äitienpäivää kaikille! 💐

Experience the essence of the upcoming Finnish summer on a plate at Savotta Helsinki! Enjoy our pan-fried whitefish fillet topped with vibrant sea buckthorn hollandaise, alongside spinach mashed potatoes and flowering cabbages. 🌞🐟 

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Savotta is a Finnish restaurant that offers genuine Finnish food and atmosphere, just off the Senate Square in the heart of Helsinki. 

To ensure your spot, we recommend 
making a reservation in advance.

Fall in love with Finland at Savotta! ❤️